About AL-Mass

“We believe healthcare administrative performance is a challenge and resisting modernization, without having to exhaust resources.”

  Dr. Yasser Masoud, CEO, AL-MASS

AL-MASS objective is to share our clinical, technological and managerial knowledge and expertise with partners, customizing solutions so that AL-MASS Partners benefit and thrive.

AL-MASS O.U.D. AL-MASS is a recognized leader both in providing health care administrative services in Bahrain and in sharing that knowledge to build outstanding health care added values, services and consultations with partners around Bahrain and Regionally . AL-MASS, a consulting firm hub, is closely affiliated with the regulatory authorities, since 2016 providing an eccentric solutions and healthcare administrative innovations to coup with market challenges . AL-MASS operates more than 8 academic, community and specialty hospitals; medical centers and has created a genuinely integrated health care administrative system. A noted innovator in healthcare, AL-MASS was an early adopter of health records and the interoperability solutions that tie RESOURCES and STRATEGIES together. AL-MASS is ranked Bahraini consulting firm leader. with renowned facilities of excellence in medical, dental, physiotherapy practices, insurance panels, scientific conferences and exhibitions.

AL-MASS International AL-MASS International offers a full range of health care consulting and management services focused on advancing care in communities and regions across the globe. Our multidisciplinary team works with you to identify and assess what is needed to achieve success in a clinical or operational area to ultimately build a high-quality healthcare integrated system for your facility. Our team shares their knowledge and best practices from years of experience in areas including facility and planning, education and training for all levels of staff, clinical and demonstrative designs and customization, and health information technology solutions. We provide advice to ensure you receive the best possible value for the advanced technologies needed to run an outstanding operations, and we work with your doctors and staff to ensure that the entire team understands their roles in creating and maintaining strategy implementation.

By working with AL-MASS to identify and implement customized solutions, you can reshape your local economy giving your current clients and potential targets access to the best possible health care.

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About Us

AL-MASS is a rapidly growing healthcare entrepreneur solely lead Bahrain consulting and executive firms, AL-MASS aims to integrate healthcare investments services and values to adapt needs, advanced technologies, scientific updates and market swings.

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