ALMASS healthcare operations act as a liaison between the clinical staff and the recipients of healthcare services. In general, healthcare operations oversee the general functioning of a healthcare facility. This position manages

The financial wellbeing of a healthcare facility

Implements policy

Manages the medical and non-medical staff

What ALMASS do?

Manage Health Services

healthcare operations oversee the daily functioning of a healthcare center.

Strategic Planning

Maintain the stability of a healthcare center; must be able to predict future logistical needs.

Technological Proficiency

Healthcare operations must demonstrate proficiency in information technology.

Implementing Policy

To ensure patients’ safety, a operations must enforce rules and policies.

Data Analysis

Manages the medical and non-medical staff

10 Responsibilities of ALMASS Healthcare Operations Management

Managing Staff

Healthcare Operation supervises and evaluate healthcare facility staff.

Ensuring Safety

To protect patients, ALMASS ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the healthcare facility.

Maintaining Financial Stability

Because operations are responsible for the day to day operations of the facility, ALMASS must secure the financial stability of the establishment.

Creating Reports

Operations create reports that convey the daily logistics and the long-term impacts of these daily logistics on the healthcare facility.

Preserving Facility Integrity

To ensure patient satisfaction, Operations cultivate an efficient and safe environment.

Purchasing Equipment

Healthcare Operations replace failing and outdated equipment and maintain adequate amounts of healthcare supplies.

Collecting Data

Operations collect significant data and use the data to improve patient care.

Communicating with Personnel

By fostering strong communication across medical staff and non-medical staff, Operations create an efficient work environment.

Assessing Problems

Operations must be able to make decisions to resolve problems quickly.

Managing Policy

Healthcare Operations enforce policies and oversee the staffs’ compliance to policies.


MASS provides the unique software as a service platform (SaaS) to perform the healthcare utility functions over web from anywhere at any point of time with greater ease. Hence it needs zero cost of installation and maintenance of software, minimum knowledge to learn, adopt and use.

MASS acts as single agent over the internet to bridge the necessary gap between doctors, patients, labs, pharmacy and hospitals.

This brings the paradigm shift of creating relationship among doctors, patients, clinic and pharmacy by enabling them to always work together thereby increasing return on investment for each user. It supports standards like ICD-10, PACS, RIS, HIPAA compliant privacy and security of EMR/EHR.

  • Online EMR and PHR Management
  • Online Physician Practice Management
  • Online Lab Information System
  • Online Hospital Information System
  • Provider Revenue Cycle Management
  • Hospital Inventory and Warehouse management
  • OOnline Health Insurance Claims Management
  • Online Drug Inventory and dispensing by Pharmacy
  • Online drug advertising and sales analytics by pharmaceutical
  • Online DICOM PACS and RIS for radiologist
  • Secure Collaboration and Health Information Exchange (HIE)
  • Subscription based as well as licensed based deployment


We provide all of the development, finance, architectural, construction management, acquisition, and other professional services required to develop ambulatory care centers, medical office buildings, clinics, surgery centers, acute care hospitals, and other healthcare facilities for independent hospitals, healthcare systems and physicians group practices on a full-service, guaranteed-price basis. We develop these facilities on or off the balance sheet of our clients. We help clients develop comprehensive medical office building and outpatient facility design programs.

True "At Risk" Development

ALMASS understanding of the strategic growth initiatives employed by hospital administration to maintain or grow market share is one of our strongest assets.

Ownership/Financing Structures

Hospitals need multiple options to expand services / revenue streams while preserving cash, debt service levels, and investment grade credit ratings.

Physician Marketing and Leasing

ALMASS assumes responsibility for all of the marketing and leasing services with no financial risk to the hospital. We will lease 100 percent of the space allocated for physician offices.

Hospital Physician Joint Ventures

ALMASS assumes responsibility for all of the marketing and leasing services with no financial risk to the hospital. We will lease 100 percent of the space allocated for physician offices.

Facility Recapitalization

Healthcare Development Partners' Facility Recapitalization program is focused on the issue of capital allocation.

Design/Build Healthcare Construction

ALMASS oversees the architecture, engineering and construction to provide you with an efficient process that includes faster delivery and a value-engineered and operationally efficient facility with less out-of-pocket cost for you.

Full-Service Guaranteed Price Program

ALMASS Full-Service, Guaranteed Price Program (“GPP") is designed to meet the needs of the provider by transferring the risks inherently associated with any development project to ALMASS.

Behavioral Health

ALMASS is committed to excellence in Behavioral Health. To that end, our mission is to ensure new beds are made available for all mental health patients worldwide through ALMASS liaisons around the globe.

About Us

AL-MASS is a rapidly growing healthcare entrepreneur solely lead Bahrain consulting and executive firms, AL-MASS aims to integrate healthcare investments services and values to adapt needs, advanced technologies, scientific updates and market swings.

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